Free for the Weekend

Virtual reality sex has achieved a new level of reality. Gone are the days of physical relationships; now are the days of creating any fantasy you can possibly imagine. As often as you desire. It’s the sexual enlightenment…or is it? Is everything really what it seems? Maybe there’s something missing from our sex lives…

Virtual Sexuality is a three part dystopian erotica series that follows the experience of a woman that has never used her body with another’s in the real world. She learns things she never thought possible, and starts to wonder…just maybe…there’s a better world out there.

As the series progresses, the characters explore sex in virtual environments, experiment with surreal environments, control, menege, bisexuality, and scenes that will get your blood pumping and your heart racing.

Book 1 sets the stage and setting and delves into the neural network and the possibilities that it holds. The virtual sex shows the enormous potential and the “tricks” that can be done that are completely impossible in the real world. And you’ll meet a mysterious character, one that will lead you down the rabbit hole.

If you like the trilogy, check out Virtual Sexuality: The Longing (sci-fi)
This one is written by a different author and not part of the original series. Gabriel Argonne is a friend of mine that I asked to write in the same universe. His story is set on the day before the rebellion and is much naughtier: